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Tango Azul Resort, Rv, Tenting, Kiteboarding

How to get here?...

  • Flying 


You can either fly to La Paz Airport (Alaska Airlines, AeroCalifornia,

AeroMexico, and Mexicana) or Los Cabos Airport (just about every major international airline).

You can rent a car at the airport or take a taxi to your destination. 


Tango Azul can assist in arrangements for guests to be picked up the La Paz airport or San Jose del Cabo, to La Ventana / El Teso.


If a rental car is desired, it is best to make arrangements from Canada or the United States, online, in order to get the best deal. Driving in Baja Mexico is quite safe and fun.

  • Driving


If you are coming from California, USA, we are about 1500 kilometres south of the US/Mexican border. It’s easy to drive down and it will take two days minimum. We can recommend some great places to stop for the night and enjoy the beauty of Mexico on your way to Baja Sur. Contact us via email to help you achieve this amazing adventure trip. 


If you travel from Western Canada, we are about 3900 kilometres south of the Canadian/USA Border (Alberta).  It will take minimum four days to arrive at Tango Azul. We can provide you thorough details and help you plan your trip down if you like. Contact us for further information.

NOTE: It is important to contact your auto insurance provider, prior to your trip to Mexico, to ensure you have adequate coverage for the duration of your visit.

La Ventana / El Teso / Baja California Sur - MEXICO

In Canada or USA: David: 403-589-3478

                               Marcela: 587-437-1497

In Mexico: David: 612 204 8177 

                  Marcela: 612 204 8352

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