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Tango Azul Resort 


Hot tub

Gather together with your friends in our hot tub to soak away the tired muscles of the day’s activities, and share stories of your adventures!


Amphitheatre – Music & art center

This wonderful, creative, artistic space is to be enjoyed with friends and family. Participate in karaoke or open-mike sessions, watch an outdoor movie, enjoy, play or just relax and listen to whatever is playing. This is a unique space to have unlimited fun with others in our spectacular surroundings. We book events weekly, monthly and in advance.



Don’t worry about the saltwater, dust, and mud that often follow you home after a day spent on the water or on off-road adventures. Leave your laundry to us, or take care of it yourself using new washers and dryers in our spotless laundry facility.

Coming soon! 

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